beberapa waktu yang lalu saya pernah posting mengenai linkpayer, setelah posting itu banyak yang tidak percaya program ini membayar karena terlalu mudah. namun ternyata untuk dapat dolar dari program ini sangat sulit. karena program ini tidak menghitung berdasarkan link yang diklik atau iklan yang diklik dari link redirec dari program ini. tapi berdasarkan orang yang ikut berpartisipasi atau join pada iklan2 yang ada.

jadi tolong ya kalau teman2 klik link dari saya yang ada link redirect dari linkpayer jangan lupa untuk gabung diiklan yang ada, untuk lebih jelasnya teman2 bisa baca email yang dikirim dari support linkpayer kepada saya dibawah ini :

Hello zicoe,

Several members have been a little confused over how you receive payment for your LinkPayer traffic. We feel it is extremely important to ensure that all of our members understand how they are paid.

LinkPayer pays you when somebody participates with our advertisers offers.

An example of this would be a person clicks on an advertisement for a car insurance quote, and subsequently complete a form for a free car insurance quote, once they have filled out the form, you are paid.

An average payout for each participation is around $2.00.

We do not pay per click. This enables us to pay you much higher amounts and also ensure that our advertisers do not receive bogus/fraudulent clicks.

Remember, you also receive a 10% share of any money earned by friends that you refer to LinkPayer, plus a further 5% of any money earned by friends that they then refer, and a 1% of money earned by people that they subsequently refer!

On a final note, when you joined you are given a $5.00 bonus which goes right into your LinkPayer account, this can be seen by clicking on the EARNINGS when you log into your account. Our minimum payment is $10.00, so you only have to earn a further $5.00 to meet minimum payout and receive your first payment!

Thank You

LinkPayer Support

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